Sharpie Slam 2012: A LIVE Art Battle!

Sharpie Slam 2012: A LIVE Art Battle! from Gustavo Soto on Vimeo.

“Sharpie Slam is a high-energy, live art battle and the premier social event for Digital Atlanta, a week-long series of technology-focused events. For this year’s battle, five teams were chosen and given 65 minutes to turn an 8′x 8′ board into a masterpiece that portrays the secret theme of the night.” – Digital Atlanta”

This past October I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and compete live in the Digital Atlanta Sharpie Slam with good friend/illustrator, Manithda Anou. Mainly working through digital mediums, this was definitely a change of pace and a personal challenge to say the least!

Having a spontaneous teammate paid its dues. It was Manithda’s idea to use the paint Sharpies to cover our hands before using them as the tool to cover our board. This turned out to be a crowd pleaser and the unorthodox approach got us the 2nd Place Prize based off the crowd’s vote!

All in all it was a great experience: My first time in Atlanta. My first competition. Met some VERY talented artists. $125 richer. (Prize Money)

The entire idea of entering the competition stemmed from a spontaneous collab from over a year ago with Manithda:
Freestyle Collab

It’s funny how were sowing the seed then that we had no idea would transpire later.

View pictures from the event in the gallery below: